Legalizations/Notary public

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Legalizations/Notary public

Legalizations, Notarizations and Official Documents
Unlike other Swiss cantons, the canton of Schaffhausen does not have one central notary’s office for all types of notarial functions. Legalizations and notarial functions are performed by several different offices.

Legalizations of signatures, copies and similar documents

The Schaffhausen Town Chancery is at your disposal for legalizations of signatures, excerpts from book keeping files and financial statements, copies, transcripts or similar documents.

The same legalizations are available at the Cantonal Land Registry Office / Notary or at the other municipal chanceries in the canton of Schaffhausen.


Notarial acts are performed by the following offices:

  • Notarizations in connection with matters of inheritance or family law (marriage and testamentary contracts, wills):
    The Town’s Wills and Estates Office [“Städtisches Erbschaftsamt”], Vorstadt 43
  • Real estate contracts (contracts relating to the purchase and sale of real estate, rights of pre-emption, easements, liens, mortgages etc.)
    Cantonal Land Registry Office [“Kant. Grundbuchamt”], Verwaltungsgebäude Mühlental, Mühlentalstr. 105
    Cantonal land registry office
  • All other public deeds (trusts, corporations, limited liability companies, sureties exceeding CHF 2000, affidavits, etc.)
    Cantonal Land registry Office/Notary, Verwaltungsgebäude Mühlenthal, Mühlentalstrasse 105, 8200 Schaffhausen
  • Company foundations and registrations at the Cantonal Commercial Register

Further Public Documents are available at the following offices:

  • Identity cards, certificates certifying a person’s capacity to act, permanent residence permits, confirmations of domicile, certificates of existence: Registration  of Address Office [“Einwohnerkontrolle”], Safrangasse 8
  • Biometric passports: passport office, Mühlentalstrasse 105
  • Birth-, marriage-, acknowledgement- and death certificates, as well as, for citizens of the town of Schaffhausen, civil and family status certificates [“Personenstandsausweise und Familienscheine”]: Registration Office [“Zivilstandsamt”], Safrangasse 8
  • Driver’s licenses and vehicle certificates, license plates: Road Traffic and Shipping Licensing Office [“Strassenverkehrs- und Schifffahrtsamt”], Rosengasse 8/ Rheinsstrasse 6
  • Extracts from the register of the debt collection and bankruptcy office: Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Office [“Betreibungsamt”], Münsterplatz 31